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Young Jace
Remember that WIP I uploaded a little while back? Yeah, well I decided to re-purpose it for an image of my character Jace <3 young version obviously but still I'm pretty happy how it came out... tried some new highlighting and shading and all that.

Tagging Noreth-Adopts for Jace's original design 
Art credit goes to me

You can find Jace's Toyhouse here -…
You can find the old WIPs here - When you Remember to art - WIP  & WIP with Color!
This is just a list to remember who I've commissioned and if I've paid. I tend to forget so instead of looking through my notes all the time I wanted to try this instead. I know some of you have big orders as well so I know it takes time and this is to make sure I don't forget about them xD 

1. [ Danny-chama ]
 - What type of Commission [NSFW Colored Sketch Image]
 - Who was it of [Luka]
 - Messaged On [Sep 22, 2017]
 - Paid? []

2. [ Ai-chan13 ]
 - What Type of Commission [NSFW Colored Image]
 - Who was it of [Luka]
 - Messaged On [Sep 21, 2017]
 - Paid? [Yes]

3. [ Unko-to ]
 - What Type of Commission [Fullbody Colored +Extra Character(s)]
 - Who was it of [Luka, Syn, Rin]
 - Messaged On [Sep 18, 2017]
 - Paid? [Yes]

4. [ Yume8bit ] - I know I commissioned a shit ton from you so take your time!
 - What Type of Commission [Holy- Too many commissioned to write them all]
 - Who was it of [Luka, Rin, Issyn - Julian(x2) - Percy(x2) - Grim - Jace - ]
 - Messaged On [Sep 13, 2017]
 - Paid? [No] - Paying as commissions come in

5.  [ EDDY-Melodia ]
 - What Type of Commission [Chibis]
 - Who was it of [Jace - Luka - Rin - Percy - Caine - Julian]
 - Messaged On [Sep 12, 2017]
 - Paid? [No] - Payment after Commissions come in

6.  [ MiokaGV ]
 - What Type of Commission [Two Couple Images]
 - Who was it of [Luka and Syn, Tadao and Mica]
 - Messaged On [Sep 25, 2017]
 - Paid? [Yes]

7.  [ AridanBlack ]
 - What Type of Commission [A Full Body Image + A Fullbody Group (5 Char)]
 - Who was it of [Issyn - Luka, Syn, Rin, Tadao, Mica]
 - Messaged On [Oct 1, 2017]
 - Paid? [Half Paid]

8.  [ Riukkii ]
 - What Type of Commission [Couple Thigh Up - Headshot]
 - Who was it of [Rin & Luka - Luka]
 - Messaged On [Oct 2, 2017]
 - Paid? [Yes]

9.  [ Decora-Chan ]
 - What Type of Commission [NSFW Colored]
 - Who was it of [Lennox]
 - Messaged On [Oct 4, 2017]
 - Paid? [Yes]

10.  [ EmmaArtitore ]
 - What Type of Commission [NSFW Full Body Colored]
 - Who was it of [Rin, Syn, Luka]
 - Messaged On [Sep 15, 2017]
 - Paid? [Yes]

11.  [ An1m4 ]
 - What Type of Commission [YCH]
 - Who was it of [Tadao & Mica]
 - Messaged On [Oct 12, 2017]
 - Paid? [Yes]
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I hope you like it~
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