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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays by JaxHaley Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 3 0 Roth Icon by JaxHaley Roth Icon :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 3 0 Taming Attempt by JaxHaley Taming Attempt :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 1 0 Korung 2 by JaxHaley Korung 2 :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 0 0 Racing by JaxHaley Racing :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 0 1 Korung by JaxHaley Korung :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 2 1 A Day in the snow by JaxHaley A Day in the snow :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 1 0 Cross Country by JaxHaley Cross Country :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 0 0 A Day Of Tug Of War by JaxHaley A Day Of Tug Of War :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 4 0 Gallop A Bit by JaxHaley Gallop A Bit :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 0 0 Off For A Trot by JaxHaley Off For A Trot :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 0 0
Into The Saddle
Titan stood in the arena, waiting for his handler to return from the tack shed, knowing that today was going to be an interesting day. The couple of days before, Wilder had made him get used to wearing a saddle, which by the way went a lot smoother than the whole bridle thing went. They had walked around the arena and went out to the field to play with it on, trying to make him comfortable in such tack. Titan had been in a bridle before but a saddle was something new, but he trusted Wilder to take care of him...kinda.
Wilder scrunched his nose as the weight and awkwardness of the saddle as he walked over to the tokota, setting the tack down before taking a breath. He knew this was going to be hard, since he hadn’t ridden a komainu type before, let alone this being the second time he’s ridden.
“Alright bud, let’s try this out, shall we?” Wild said before giving Titan’s muzzle a scratch, fixing his bridle as he does. Wilder leaned down and picked up th
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Saddled by JaxHaley Saddled :iconjaxhaley:JaxHaley 0 0
A Small Victory Is A Big Victory
A couple days later, Wilder called Titan from the field, guiding the large feline back to the arena. Wilder had been working with the cat for a couple of days now, slowly, very slowly, easing the bridle onto his muzzle. Titan had been very frustrating, nipping and pawing at Wilder day after day to stop messing with him about the subject, but today Wilder did something different.
Early that morning Wilder had gotten up and allowed all the shedus out for a run in the field, letting them plan and roam around the fenced in area. He even made new toys for the group to play with, wanting to wear them out as much as he possibly could. He had been thinking about why the large komianu wouldn’t allow him to place the bridle on him, and came up with the thought that he might be too energized. So, Wilder was going to wear him out.
After hours of hard play Wilder finally got Titan where he needed to be, a panting tired mess. Wilder had placed a pail of water and food next to the post, allowin
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It Won't Bite, I Promise
Wilder slid on his coat as he opened the barn door, opening it up to the stables that housed many different creatures, but today he was only interested in one of them. Making his way towards the very back of the barn he stopped in front of the large felines box, watching as the komainu yawned before standing up slowly. The tiger printed flaxen siam tan male was one of the new arrivals to the settlement, and since Garnet was still too new to the breed, it was up to Wilder to train the beast.
With one gentle movement he opened the gate to Titan’s box. Stepping out of the way for the feline to make his way out, Wilder tightened his grip on the bridle in his hand. Titan has been untrained, on his own for a long while before he was found by Wilder on an exploration, not able to be saddled and raced. Though, Wilder had a feeling he wouldn’t be much of a racer anyways.
The feline was smart enough to follow Wilder when he pulled food from his pocket, being led to a fenced in arena.
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North And The Chase For The End - RoK
    A greying snow roan barbary sat in front of a large fenced in area, snow crunching under her as she shifts to get comfortable. Her bright blue eyes scanned over the place, looking out over the hill that she was set upon. Flecking spots covered her fur, pulling together the blacks and whites in her coat, her dark face making her look more intimidating.
She had taken the journey to the reservation alone a few days earlier from her home miles away, though, not very happy about the journey, she knew she had to go. After putting the journey off for far too long she figured now would be as good of time as any to go, well, that was until it started to snow an hour into the walk.
“I can’t believe I agreed to do this…” She mumbled to herself as she stood, shaking out her fur. “The things I have to do just to have pups of my own.” With one swift movement she was over the fence, landing gracefully on her feet on the other side.
Once insi
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In all honesty, probably looking at all my stamps will tell you more about me than I can word wise.
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“There’s a girl who smiles all the time,
to show the world that she is fine.
A boy who surrounds himself with friends,
wishes that his life would end.
For those who say they never knew,
the saddest leave the least of clues.”
—'A Lesson’ from Lang Leav’s Lullabies


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